Guided Rock Climbing Trips in Zion

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Rock Climbing

The sport of rock climbing is for everyone. Scaling vertical walls challenges the mind and body in a unique and exciting way. Climbing adventures in Zion National Park and Southern Utah take this activity to another level, adding beautiful walls and breathtaking views to the physical challenge.

We tailor our guided climbing trips to fit the skill level of your group. From total beginners to advanced climbers, our certified, professional guides will ensure that your group has a rewarding and memorable experience with Rock Odysseys.

Climbing Trips We Offer

Each trip is unique, so we have several different options to fit your visit. This allows you to select the best option for your group, both from a time and skill perspective.

What Your Guided Rock-Climbing Trip Includes

When you sign up for a rock-climbing trip with Rock Odysseys we want to make sure to take all the guesswork out of your adventure. Our guides will provide all of the technical gear that you’ll need including harnesses, helmets, rock climbing shoes, and belay devices. If you are staying in our designated pick-up areas, we can arrange to pick you up from your lodging accommodations or campground; or arrange a convenient meeting location near the designated recreation site! ​Our pick-up areas include Springdale, Rockville, Virgin, La Verkin, or Hurricane.

Once we pick you up or meet with your group, we will do all the heavy lifting! Our Wilderness First Responder Certified guides will teach you how to belay, set up the ropes, and coach you on climbing techniques that will give you the skills you need to scale the walls!

The only thing you’ll want to bring is water, food, a backpack and appropriate clothing and footwear. The rest is covered!

rock climbing
Rock climbing

Is Rock Climbing For Everyone?

Absolutely! Regardless of your age, size, or experience, we know of routes that will be fun and challenging, but ones you’ll be able to succeed in climbing! Even if you’ve never climbed before, your guide can teach you a few basic movements to get you started. Once you are on the wall you’ll be able to work on and improve these skills in a safe and fun way!

Rock climbing has both physical and mental aspects that anyone can benefit from!

Is Rock Climbing Safe?

Our certified guides are there to make sure you have a fun and challenging rock-climbing adventure that is done in a safe way. All physical activity comes with some risk, but thanks to the stringent safety regulations and gear that climbers use it is generally one of the safest sports you can participate in!

We also hire full-time, career guides for our climbing trips. These guides have extensive knowledge of the areas we lead trips to and are trained in first aid and rock-rescue techniques.


Zion Rock Climbing Basics

The sport of Rock Climbing can be sub-divided into a few different practices including Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Aid Climbing and Bouldering. Sport Climbing is a form of single-or-multi-pitch climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed into the rock for protection, using a rope with an aid of a belayer. This is in contrast to Traditional Climbing (Trad Climbing) where climbers must place removable protection or gear as they ascend.

Many new climbers in urban areas and in general, are first introduced to the sport in gyms featuring top-rope climbing or auto-belay systems. Many advance to lead climbing which is clipping into anchors as you ascend. This experience is very beneficial, but quite different from climbing in the great outdoors on different types of rock. The technicalities and nuances of climbing are quite broad, so the best way to learn is through the teachings and instruction of a professional guide. They will teach you the basics of gear handling, and essential safety precautions.

Our Rock Odysseys guides set up a standard top rope anchor system. This will ensure safety and ideally instill the confidence needed to focus on footwork and techniques, the rush and sense of accomplishment, and the spectacularly scenic back-drop of the Zion National Park area.

Multi-pitch routes are available for more experienced climbers. Mock Lead climbing is a great way to practice becoming a Lead Climber. Our guides are extremely capable and prepared to help you achieve your climbing goals.