Fads, ideologies and even institutions are constantly in flux. What works today may not work for another tomorrow. More and more frequently in our work near Zion National Park, a location of particular geologic fascination and historical richness, we are meeting families who are re-evaluating a standardized system of education. Most students of ages ranging from K-12 attend a formal school and learn in a classroom five days a week, approximately six hours a day; but there are many families who are exploring educational alternatives. Home schooling is perhaps a more familiar, if non-standard substitute; but beyond this, another method of parent-led teaching is a curriculum often referred to as “Road Schooling.” This style is an intensive, interest-directed syllabus made of almost entirely of field trip style eduction. Their classroom, limited not by walls or campuses is the open road.

Here in Zion, students have a rich variety of subjects to explore including geography, geology, history, outdoor ethics and recreation. They may have an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically, explore the outer limits of their interests and passions without the intimidations that may be part of the traditional school climates and inevitable subcultures. The kids we meet (like the Trippin Yogi’s) who are traveling and studying the world with their parent-teachers seem to thrive; and far from being undisciplined, they seem to possess overall attitude of concentration, appreciation and an unembarrassed sense of wonder. Undoubtedly, there are challenges which have and will come up in the practice of this type of curriculum. Not everyone has the ability to travel ceaselessly in this manner, and certainly some would not want to. However, as a mother of two young children, I for one can say that some of their philosophies and practices are definitely worth looking into. For additional insights or resources on this incredible life-style and educational commitment check out this Winne post  and this article.

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