Hiring a professional guide for your first outdoor climbing experience

There are many benefits of hiring a professional guide for your first outdoor climbing experience. A professional guide will teach you the techniques needed to start rock climbing, while managing your experience in a safe, and controlled environment. Rock Odysseys is a professional rock climbing guide service that offers climbing trips in the greater Zion area for people of all abilities. Our beginner climbing trips consist of single-pitch top-roping. Top roping is a type of climbing where the individual climbs a route with the rope already through an anchor at the top of the climb. (Similar to indoor climbing gyms). Top rope climbing is ideal for beginners in the sport because it allows for the climber to get a feel for rock climbing with minimal risks involved. As they climb they will feel the “tension” of the rope on their harness, reminding them that they are secured and safe while on the wall.

A common statement people say when thinking about rock climbing is “There is no way I would be strong enough to do that!” Our response to this is anyone can try rock climbing. People believe that climbing only consists of upper body strength, but it is quite the opposite. Rock climbing is using most of your leg strength, technique and body positions to climb smarter (making the moves easier on yourself), as well as other muscles such as arms, fingers, core, etc.

Zion Rock Climbing with Kids and Families

One of the biggest questions you may have been asking yourself is “Can my children try Rock Climbing?” Our answer is yes! Our recommended ages for our Half Day Rock Climbing tour are ages six and up. Although we have taken children as young as five! Because our family rock climbing trips are private, your guide can customize the trip to your family’s comfort-level and needs. During your private, guided rock climbing tour, you can expect to experience the beautiful sandstone cliffs that the greater Zion National Park area has to offer as a family.

Do you think your child is excited enough to try rock climbing but may also be a bit nervous? No problem! Our guides are experts are working with children. Most of them have had youth development experience in a rock climbing setting and excel at helping your kids gain the confidence they need to climb up a vertical rock face. Rock Odysseys’ climbing guides have an immense amount of experience guiding and developing the areas we take our outdoor rock climbing tours to. This experience will help your family learn how to trust the rope, lower safely and comfortable, and navigate the gorgeous rock walls that Zion has to offer.

Zion Full Day Rock Climbing Tours For Families

Are your kids more adventurous, have previous indoor or outdoor rock climbing experience and want a longer climbing tour? Rock Odysseys’ Full Day Guided Climbing trips offer more chances to climb, belay, and experience Zion as a family. Our full day guided rock climbing trips are a great way to escape the crowds that Zion National Park frequently experiences. Our Full Day Rock Climbing trips are seven to eight hours in duration and will allow for your group or family to get the most out of their Zion vacation.

Planning a Utah Vacation and wondering what places to see in and around Zion National Park? One of the best ways to see the stunning Zion area is to hire a professional guide, strap on a backpack, and find yourself off the beaten trails. We specialize in Big Adventure Rock Climbing Trips, Guided Slot Canyon & Rappelling Trips and Canyoneering Tours near Zion National Park, including Climbing, Canyoneering & Combination Trips (a little of everything). 

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