Hiring a Professional guide for your first outdoor climbing experience in zion national park

Many new climbers in urban areas and in general, are first introduced to the sport of rock climbing in gyms featuring top-rope climbing or auth-belay systems. Many advance to lead climbing which is clipping into bolts for protection as you ascend. This experience is very beneficial, but quite different from rock climbing in an outdoor setting. Southern Utah rock climbing is world class and people travel from all around the world to climb here. Many visiting ion National Park want to see it experience it through an adventure. Rock climbing is a great way to experience Zion in a way that is off the beaten path but still gives you amazing scenery during your visit.

The technicalities of rock climbing are quite broad, so the best way to learn is through the teachings and instruction of a professional guide. They will teach you the basics of gear, safety precautions, and climbing techniques.

Rock Odysseys is a Zion National Park Rock Climbing Guide Service. At Rock Odysseys, we offer various rock climbing trips including Half Day Climbing Trips, Full Day Climbing Trips, and Multipitch Climbing Trips. Multipitch Climbing trips are recommended for more experienced climbers. Each Rock Odysseys guide has over ten years of outdoor climbing experience, over 4 years of outdoor guiding experience, and are prepared to help you achieve your climbing goals during your trip.

Zion rock climbing Tours for beginners

If this is your first-time trying rock climbing, a Half Day Guided Climbing trip is a great option to experience the sport. This rock climbing trip is a four to five hour experience that will include pick up and drop off, all technical climbing gear, and a professional rock climbing guide. One of Rock Odysseys’ most popular Half Day Climbing trips will take you to Lamb’s Knoll. Lamb’s Knoll is on the Kolob Terrace portion of Zion National Park and features climbing for all abilities and skill level.

Our professional guides will do all the heavy lifting! They will start the trip off with outfitting you in a harness, rock climbing shoes, and a helmet. Following this, you will hike into the climbing area and spend time learning how to belay. In climbing, belaying refers to controlling the rope while a person climbs, so you can help prevent them from falling very fall if they lose their grip on the wall. After this you will start climbing! Our guides will start you off easy, to get you comfortable on the rock. They will help you learn how to “trust” the system, by weighting and sitting back on the rope, trusting your feet by giving you climbing tips/instruction while you climb, and teaching you how to lower back down to the ground safely and comfortably after completing your rock climb. Following this it is all about YOU! Your guide will get you on routes to complete your goals for the day. Whether that is just having fun, climbing easier routes to experience Zion National Park’s rock climbing or to try harder routes to push your physical and mental strengths. Rock climbing is often one of those sports where the self-gratification following a challenging climb is one of the most rewarding parts about this sport.

Beginner Climber

Zion full day rock climbing tours

Do you have previous indoor or outdoor climbing experience or just want longer time to learn the sport of rock climbing when visiting Southern Utah or Zion National Park? If so, our Full Day Rock Climbing Tours are for you! At Rock Odysseys we guide at several different rock climbing locations near Zion National Park and offer climbing on sandstone, basalt, and limestone! During a full day guided climbing trip you can plan to rock climb at least 5 – 9 different climbing routes, improve your climbing techniques, knowledge, footwork, as well as challenge yourself on the rock! We guide routes ranging from beginner climbing such as 5.6 to more advanced grades into 5.12 climbing. (And everything in between!)

Multipitch Rock Climbing Tour

Zion Multipitch rock climbing tours

Do you have prior rock climbing experience (indoor or outdoor) and want to get up high on a vertical sandstone rock wall around Zion National Park? If so, we recommend one of our Multi pitch rock climbing tours. We guide multi pitch climbing routes around Zion National Park that are up to 500 feet long! Our multi pitch tours are for groups of 1 or 2 and are completely private. It will just be you (or you and your partner), your guide, and the rock! These tours include rock climbing routes ranging from 5.9 to 5.11. One of our favorite multipitches we offer were even developed by our very own Rock Odysseys’ guides! (Matt Hebert & Zack Nay…. Yay!) Previous rock climbing and/or rappelling experience is highly recommended for these trips. These climbing tours are our most remote climbing tour and it is common for it to just be your party and your guide for the entire day!

Planning a Utah Vacation and wondering what places to see in and around Zion National Park? One of the best ways to see the stunning Zion area is to hire a professional guide, strap on a backpack, and find yourself off the beaten trails. We specialize in Big Adventure Rock Climbing Trips, Guided Slot Canyon & Rappelling Trips and Canyoneering Tours near Zion National Park, including Climbing, Canyoneering & Combination Trips (a little of everything). Find out more